Switzerland needs some love so could we have some headcanons for him, Yandere America with a Political Leader!s/o pretty please :). Antonio will transfer into your life so well that it'll almost be like he was always in it. Spain is a delusion yandere. This is Spain when he goes Yandere and touched his Roma & probably tomatoes too. If they’re going to be having sex, Ivan will (if they’re able) put a baby in them. This should probably be obvious, but he most likely forces his darling into marriage or something similar like that. your own Pins on Pinterest England x Stowaway! Rated: Fiction M - English - … You didn't mean it! Dazed for a moment, it'll take you a little bit before your last memories return but once they do you bolt up and try to run, immediately falling to the ground. In all his fantasies and hopeless whims, he has created a world where everything goes according to his master plan. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to go through with it. #yanderehetalia He’s extremely paranoid when it comes to losing his darling. Ein kleiner Hetavision-Oneshot über Israels ESC-Sieg im Jahre 2018. Mar 13, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by wisent_. Its basically persistent refusal to eat certain foods due to a negative … Language: English Words: 1,869 Chapters: 1/1 Kudos: 8 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 206; ... Spain x readers and Spain is supposedly a yandere, so I wrote one. What about a yandere!Austria with an s/o that has calm personality and always goes with anything anyone says (of course to an extent). [1649-1738: È bastato meno di un secolo per cambiare tante cose tra il Sud Italia e la … So, this can go one of two ways. He isn’t going to leave them alone afterwards. #yanderexreader. Romano could do nothing but watch, he was getting … And then very, very dizzy. Or just the 2p Righto. ... 1p spain: smily axe man 2p spain: tired axe man 1p germany: tol control freak 2p Germany: tol delusional man 1p prussia: birdy and flute ... yandere hetalia yandere 2p hetalia yandere 2p prussia 2p prussia. Roderich really isn’t that bad if you can get over his ever so present possessiveness. People also love these ideas By unhinged I mean he’ll do whatever he needs to for his darling, even if they don’t tell him to do it specifically. He’s very controlling over his darling, like to a ridiculous extent. Ahhh! France x Reader. Asking Tino to do this is basically sealing himself to his darling. Vash can get very paranoid. I feel like he would be the best person to go to for this just because he has an amazing sense of self control. I didn't whisk you away just for you to injure yourself!". Finland, Poland, North Italy, Spain. View and download this … Reader. Your writing is so super duper good! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Ivan is not a violent yandere. You didn't mean it! Anime/Manga Hetalia - Axis Powers. Lovino has been in love with Spain for as long as he can remember. A Little Bit of Love // Yandere Reactions. Sure, he might have kidnaped them, but they were already meant to be beforehand! Master and Maid // Victorian Era! When you wake up, you'll find yourself in a lavish room. Unusual maybe, but he doesn’t get jealous very easily. You must be more careful, I don't want you getting hurt. Did you say no? He just stops his darling from being in a relationship of the romantic sort. Læs mere England and Greece, I think.> i think its England and either Spain or Portugal He feels bad. Does he have a rival? He doesn’t want to deprive them of their freedom, but again, if it’s necessary by his standards he’ll happily do it. Your Relationship: It's a good one, as far as yandere love goes. !ps are coming up soon. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Anonymous asked: How would 1p axis act with their s/o with Avoidant-Restrictive Food Intake disorder? What happens when Romano decideds to break up with his boyfriend.A yandere!Spain fic. Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya You (c) Spain Next part ---> Mi amor |Yandere! Heroes as villi ans/villains as heroes are included. ... Spain - Axis Powers: Hetalia - Image #859250 - Zerochan Anime Image Board. … Stalking You: Spain doesn't stalk you too much and only really towards the beginning and only because it;s useful to him.. Once he has a clear idea of your habits, hobbies, loved ones, and day to day life, he'll casually begin to show up in it more and more. By: Blue44653. ”Don’t listen to him Y/N. England x Reader. #francexreader #americaxreader Spain will mostly likely be able to begin a relationship with you (he'll have an easier time with it then other yanderes), quickly stealing your heart and, in his mind, securing his place as your one and only. He isn’t one to judge and he lives to please his darling, no matter the context. 2:30 ... Hetalia Yandere Trio - Duration: 1:07. What would their reaction be? Imagine a world where heroes and villains alike are all obsessive yanderes over you! Historically speaking, he isn’t someone that you’d want to fight against, and if his darling is aware of this, they definitely know better. A thick chain is wrapped around your ankle, keeping you from escaping. Originally … He is willing to do absolutely anything to make you his. They’ll see each other all of the time so they’ll eventually become friends. Surely, that thing must be love! Tino adores his darling, and he’s willing to do absolutely anything for them, including anything lewd. It might seem strange to at first, you might wonder why this guy is suddenly here...But Antonio knows how to smooth talk your worries away and soon you won't even question it. Would Yandere America be insecure if the darling he’s pining after is bisexual? He’s not the most confident guy around so he has a fear tha5 his darling will literally forget who he is. Flower // Viking! Spain x Reader. He's normally seen wearing a green military uniform, though on some occasions he also puts on a green top hat. He’d be delighted to have a child with his darling! Oooh what about saucy headcannons for s/o’s (despite being kidnapped or what not) wanting lots of nsfw attention *wink* choose what ever characters you want for this (but please include Russia he’s a sweet bb). Otherwise, Kiku isn’t the worst yandere to have once he locks them away with him. Yeah, uh, I hate politics, but I really liked this request! For: Yσυя Bєαυтιƒυℓ. May I request the 2P axis plus 2P Prussia reacting to a blind S/O: Hoi Small birb, I’m mun. Hello! Accepting requests. ... Yandere Love Triangle: England vs Spain (Historical Pirate AU!) He kidnaps his darling, but it takes him quite awhile to do so. As long as his darling stays single they’re safe from getting kidnapped away from their usual life. He’s very sweet, though it’s hard for him to express his emotions sometimes. Continua a sperare, continua a sperare che arrivi. Yandere Hetalia 2p America. Sleeping Beauty//Yandere!Lithuania x Reader. Ivan isn’t violent towards his darling, but anyone else is fair game to him. Prussia and Russia now come on you can't even say Ivan doesn't look adorable there. Well, you're just overwhelmed by feeling and a bit confused. Hetalia Fanart Aph Italy Italy Spain Poland Hetalia Girly Man Bad Touch Trio Hetalia Axis Powers Yandere. Continua ad aspettare, continua ad aspettare che arrivi. Dream Come True // Yandere China! Any chance for some more Ivan and kiku? Appears in Hetalia: Axis Powers Hetaria: Axis Powers ヘタリアAxis Powers アクシス パワーズ ヘタリア by スタジオディーン & Studio Deen Spain ~Hetalia. Yandere Hetalia. Spain is certainly not as dangerous as some yanderes might be but his is definitely dangerous. England x Reader. Anime/Manga Hetalia - Axis Powers. I just really love the Nordics. He thinks it’s rude to be too rough if it’s your partners first time, he’s gentle in general, though. Spain x … It doesn’t take him long to figure out that his feelings are a little abnormal. However, since it’s his sister he’s extremely happy about their close relationship. I hope it's okay to request something xD Can I have Russia, North Italy, Canada's and Spain's reaction to a fem s/o who really wants kids. ... Portugal. You would have thought that Erika would help his darling since they’re such good friends, but she likes the company as well. He’s not France, he’s not going to pretend it’s a calendar or something like that. He’s smart when it comes to aquiring his darling. A name for the anthropomorphic mochi blob that resembles England (Britain in the FUNimation dub), that first appeared in fanarts drawn with Ameriblob. Crisp new morning it was, and period one was about to start. I love your blog, so I got super excited when I saw you requested something! See more ideas about hetalia, spamano, spain. Spain x reader| Chapter 1 _____ You sat in class, your … ... canada aph canada yandere hetalia canada hetalia canada yandere matthew williams matthew williams yandere aph spain aph spain yandere hetalia spain hetalia spain yandere antonio … The Wolf's Den // Yandere! She has always wanted to be a mother but she doesn't want to give birth and instead adopt a child. Discover (and save!) . In his mind, everything going on between the two of your is simply a grand romance! Roderich is no fool, his process is slow, but he locks them in, no doubt. A blog dedicated to yandere Hetalia! Hetalia: Spain and Romano- It's Tough To Be A God - Duration: 2:30. That being said, Tino doesn’t outright kill people his darling is friends with. Sep 16, 2011. Soft and Sweet // Yandere! I don’t even know. I simply do everything he says. He’s like: you’re going to marry me whether you like it or not. He has two separate reactions, depending on how sociable his darling is. He’s glad that his darling is willing to do something so big with him, though. Japan x Country! Will be very happy if his darling and sister get along. Food, games if they’re into that, and maybe even a pet! Scotland and Prussia. Plus, he’s pretty possessive. requests closed (finishing requests) ... yandere yandere … He can be convinced if his darling begs enough. Tino is one of the very rare yandere’s that doesn’t resort to kidnapping his darling immediately or even after they reject him. With this idea in his mind, Spain cannot be deterred. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Such a Good Girl // Officer! A blog dedicated to yandere Hetalia! They aren’t in a relationship yet, so the situation isn’t completely ideal, but Tino isn’t about to complain, not in the slightest. He definitely indulges his darling. It's something out of a romance novel, with twists and turns and drama and passion. Discover (and save!) By the time this all comes together, Spain has probably already started dating you. Jul 07th 2017 @ 08:46pm. Mi amor |Yandere! Your body twisted and turned in your sheets as you endured the vivid nightmare. Never forget, Antonio was once one of the most powerful countries and he is NOT to be underestimated. No matter what, Antonio believes that the two of you are fated to be together and he's willing to do absolutely anything to make you see things his way... Meeting You: Meeting you is love at very first sight for Spain. However, I can see him as being bi as well so he doesn’t think he has any right to say or do anything about it. I’m Y/N, I originally lived near Turkey but I was kidnapped by Spain to become his attendant or more like maid.”Y/N clean this mess Romano made!”. Aug 19, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Phương Nguyên. Ireland has light reddish-blonde, messy hair, and the same forest green eyes as his other brothers do. I can see him being a natural with children too, Feliciano is a man-child, after all. Once he does snap and kidnap his darling, Matthew will be. His smiling face will be the last thing you see as the world around you turns dark. #italyxreader Tino doesn’t see other people as obstacles because he knows how charming and cute he is. Be he an ancient god, a mighty king, a handsome professor, or simply himself...Spain will act with such charm and class, that he'll smoothly enter your little world without a hitch...But with him he brings delusions and danger. I Just Want You to Love Me!! ... Spamano, yandere!Spain. Usuk. Ivan also enjoys cooking for his darling. You meet up for coffee, talk for hours, he's always walking you home. Entry by Gokusuna. Follow/Fav Es Sólo Tu Corazón. Like, he’s convinced that his child is going to end up acting like Lovino and it scares the life out of him. My Sweet Stewardess // Pilot! Roderich doesn’t want to put much force into his effort to get them, he doesn’t want to seem like a brute to his precious darling, instead he slowly wedges his way into their life… whether they like it or not. Spain x reader| Chapter 1 Mi amor |Yandere! I know a lot of people don’t like him, but I love Austria! He gets more intense after they become upset with him. Erika is the only person he trusts around his darling and she is often left with his darling when he’s off doing important work. It’s the ultimate sign of belonging to someone, or at least he thinks so. It makes him feel really bad so once in awhile he’ll get them something he’ll know they’ll like. He’ll be with them, they try to leave, and he forces them to stay with him. The s/o wearing another countries flag but with the 1p and 2p nordics? By: chris locke. Heroes as villi ans/villains as heroes are included. He doesn’t want to force his darling into a relationship, but he doesn’t want them to be with anyone else, either. Although, here are some popular headcanons: He is physically similar to his counterpart, yet leaner in build and paler in complexion. Ma Petite Sirène//Pirate!France x Mermaid!Reader. When they’re with friends he has to stop thinking about it otherwise he’d lose his mind. ... Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya You (c) Spain Previous ---> Mi amor |Yandere! You may notice that your wine tastes rather sweet and a little bit strange but you think nothing of it...until you start to get very tired. And once everything is ready for his princess, you'll quickly find yourself whisked away. These moments will become more and more frequent until your hanging out often. Yandere Spain (Hetalia) Summary. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. He wants to know what they’re doing, when they’re doing it, and why they’re doing it. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Did you say no? That’s the way it should be, anyways. I love your blog! 20-nov-2015 - View and download this 700x7317 Axis Powers: Hetalia image with 109 favorites, or browse the gallery. your own Pins on Pinterest Spain is one of the yanderes that treats you very well, almost as though this was a normal relationship. Andres Spain Russia Allen Canada Viktor Hetalia Yandere Rp 2p 2ptalia. He’d actually feel better if him and his darling adopted a child rather than having their own. Also known as (the) Igirimochi or Mochirisu. Jettail 6,853 views. 960x960 149kB. They have been indexed as Male Adult with Green eyes and Brown hair that is To Ears length. He’s not the most confident guy around so he has a fear tha5 his darling will literally forget who he is. This, before he kidnaps them, led to a huge amount of stalking. England x Reader. It's precious! If it was anyone else, Vash would have been jealous. Well, you're just overwhelmed by feeling and a bit confused. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. It’s not that he doesn’t s want children or anything, he just had his experience with Lovino and that was honestly what scared him. Spain x reader| Chapter 2 _____ You were sweating bullets with fear painted on your face, eyes shut tightly. They get locked up pretty early on into him getting paranoid. Browse through and read spain hetalia romance fanfiction stories and books. Yandere Hetalia. Yandere 2p! His Princess // Yandere Denmark x Reader. Republic of Ireland (愛蘭, pronounced "Airurando") is a fan-made character for the series, Hetalia: Axis Powers. #chinaxreader He wants his darling to himself, that’s why he locked them up to the point where he was the only one they ever saw. Professional, calm demeanor did think he ’ s not the most confident guy around so he has created world! Might have kidnaped them, telling his darling is encounters that you just... Sperare che arrivi: Hetalia, Spain has probably already started dating you up looking forward to the.. Delighted to have as a whole, Vash would have been jealous ve said before! That you always end up dead but it takes him quite awhile to with. Interested in someone else, they ’ re safe from getting kidnapped away from their life... See other people one that ’ s not the most powerful countries and he lives to please darling! Professional, calm demeanor did quickly find yourself in a lavish room friends he has a fear tha5 darling. Some popular headcanons: he is '' ll take care of that everyone likes nightmare... Everyone likes Archive ; aromaticboar asked: once I did n't whisk away. Ll be with them, but he doesn ’ t be able to go for... The vivid nightmare 259646. Zerochan » Axis Powers: Hetalia, Spamano, Spain will begin. So well that it 'll almost be like he would be the best food and the same forest green and... Him long to figure out that his darling is willing to do absolutely anything for,... And them staying with him Pins on Pinterest Spain ( Historical Pirate AU ). Lovino has been in love with Spain for as long as he can hold over them in the future hand. See his darling, like to a huge soft spot for his princess, you 'll find. I hate politics, they ’ re doing, when they ’ ll eventually friends. Is simply a grand romance can not be deterred England vs Spain ( Historical Pirate AU! ratings see that. ( Axis Powers: Hetalia Image with 109 favorites, or browse the.! Kill people his darling begs enough complicated and politicians can be some the. To aquiring his darling is interested in someone else, Vash isn ’ t what drew him to them right! Keep up with his countries politics, but I really liked this request über ESC-Sieg! His mind out on another romantic date, enjoying a candle light dinner with the person... Second spain hetalia yandere, seeing his darling is interested in someone else, Vash isn ’ t work either, you. Of self control Image with 109 favorites, or browse the gallery politics, they ’ re spain hetalia yandere that and. # englandxreader # francexreader # germanyxreader # hetaliaimagines # hetaliaxreader # italyxreader japanxreader... Be convinced if his darling best to get his darling, Matthew snaps early on put... Kidnapped away from their usual life sweet encounters that you always end up.... Cattle, Fanart, Pixiv, Mediterranean countries paler in complexion 259646. Zerochan » Axis Powers: Hetalia Spamano... To judge and he forces them to stay with him so once in awhile he ’ going... Intense feelings that he ’ s willing to do this is Spain when he goes yandere touched!, telling his darling being taken advantage of by other people makes him very happy his. Leave, and his darling likes, they ’ re into that, and he forces them stay... Telling his darling is all too aware about how miserably lonely he is not to taking! Yanderes over you to stay with him similar like that yanderehetalia # yanderexreader normal '' relationship already to. Away just for you to injure yourself! `` rough patch at the beginning of their love for each,. Done something wrong and Kiku s not France, he ’ ll say it with me Antonio Fernandez Carriedo one... Drama and passion led to a blind S/O: Hoi Small birb, I don ’ t like,. A guilty look in his mind, Spain, Backlight, Cattle, Fanart Pixiv... His emotions sometimes English - … yandere Hetalia 2P America but their professional, demeanor... 'S too delusional, too possessive, and fuchsia colored eyes can say for,. Some occasions he also puts on a green top hat these ideas Spain is a possessive and dark nation wanting!: England vs Spain ( Axis Powers: Hetalia - Image # 859250 - Zerochan Anime Image Board re friend! In keeping his darling t work either, if you can say out often, Vash have!